Our Meats

The grilled steak nature 21,00€
Grilled steak 24,00€
Grilled beef tenderloin 26,00€
Sauce of choice:
2 Peppers +2,00€
Mushroom +2,00€
Provençale +2,00€
Gorgonzola +2,00€
Bearnaise +3,00€
Grilled lamb fillet with Provence herbs, little tapenade juice, potatoes au gratin with goat cheese 26,00€
Beef filet on stone 26,00€
Chicken fricassee in Tuscan wine 19,00€
Sliced entrecôte on a rucola nest with balsamic sauce, roasted tomatoes and parmesan cheese 24,00€
Roasted duck filet with two citrus fruits 22,00€
Veal escalope pizzaïola 21,00€
Veal cutlet with mushroom sauce 21,00€
Osso bucco and parsley tagliatelle 24,00€
Old-fashioned veal blanquette 19,00€
Italian meatballs with parmesan and pancetta 15,00€
Served with homemade fries, potato, pasta or croquettes and salad.
Free Homemade Mayonnaise.